Alan Refkin – Forensic Due Diligence

Alan Refkin is the Chairman and CEO of Thornhill Capital, a global forensic due diligence firm, which he founded in 1994. Forensic due diligence differs from standard due diligence in that goes deeper under the covers. It essentially believes one is guilty until proven innocent, and that any numbers and facts presented must be corroborated and verified to a higher standard before being accepted. Standard due diligence uses a one-size-fits-all rule book that varies little from country to country. Therefore, serious deficiencies that exist within companies in different countries often go unnoticed, and business decisions are subsequently based on inaccurate information. Thornhill Capital provides forensic due diligence services for those who require an in-depth look at a company prior to consummating a transaction. Although the firm is global, it has an exceptionally strong China practice, and Mr. Refkin is the author of four business books on China.

Thornhill Capital also has substantial experience in providing expert witnesses / expert consultancy services to federal and state government agencies, as well as to law firms, financial institutions, and investors.

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