About Us

ACC Law Group delivers a transformative value proposition ...

  • We work for you - we are your virtual general counsel or an extension of your law department
  •  We collaborate with you at the outset to define scope, budget, and time requirements
  • We create value by focusing on your needs, desired results, and risk tolerance in developing creative and cost effective quality solutions
  • We apply project management principles to achieve a win-win outcome within budget and time requirements
  • We offer fixed cost billing for transactional and document-driven matters; for litigation matters, we offer flat rate billings that meet your insurance company's acceptable billable rate requirements
a different, transformative value proposition
ACC Law Group is just like a large law firm

We have the DNA of a large law firm ...

  • We are former AmLaw 100 law firm lawyers and senior in-house counsel with Fortune 500 companies
  • We are graduates of nationally ranked law schools
  • We have a successful track record in handling business transactions, litigations, as well as general legal matters

But we think and operate differently ...

  • We run a lean-and-mean team and don't have a bloated infrastructure
  • We believe that experience counts, and select only lawyers who have a proven tracked record backed by at least 15 years of experience
  • We focus on maximizing your results, rather than maximizing our billings at every opportunity
    • We don't have inexperienced associates who require on-the-job training, which saves you from having to pay for their time and an experienced lawyer's time
    • We don't mark up third-party vendor invoices and normal business expenses - these are billed at-cost
    • When required to travel, we don't incur extravagant expenses for flights, hotels, and meals; and we don't bill for minor incidental charges
ACC Law Group thinks and operations differently